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Who We Are & What We Do

Welcome to San House Hunter Network, where good folks make great money, in their spare time, on their own schedule with no strings attached.

We are private Real Estate Investors in the business of buying Vacant Properties. We are associated with a national network of similar professionals and have tremendous buying power.

Because of this significant buying power we are constantly in need of a fresh and on-going supply of properties to buy. Our criteria are really quite simple. We look for Vacant Houses & Commercial Properties with NO â�,��"For Saleâ�,� � sign on them. We donâ�,�™t need help finding properties listed with Realtors® and we generally donâ�,�™t need help finding properties that are For Sale By Owner (FSBO). There is an occasional exception to this that we can examine later.

Where you fit in is helping us to find those properties. All you need is transportation, a digital camera, a little time â�,�“ on your schedule and a desire to make some great extra money.

We then buy many of those properties as investors. The good news is, that you make your money.too.  We can partner on a wholesale deal you can make up to 50% of the net profit  It all depends on the spread of each deal you bring in.  This is besides the $5-$10 spif you get for finding the lead.  We are looking for people who want to learn the business and partner with us. Â

How You Will Make Money

You will make money by finding us â�,��"leadsâ�,� � or houses that fit our criteria. We provide all the training and guidance you need so that your time and effort is maximized and you receive the greatest reward for your effort.

For leads that meet our simple criteria within a 20 mile radius of our location we pay $5 each. From 20 to 40 miles we pay $10 per lead. All you do is spot the vacant property, take a few digital photos, jot down a little information and youâ�,�™re on your way to the next lead. If you keep up the pace, you can easily earn $40 to $100 per hour for your time. Thatâ�,�™s why we say â�,��"You Set The Pay Rateâ�,� �.

Once you join our team, youâ�,�™ll get training and guidance on the most effective ways to easily recognize vacant houses, how to canvas specific areas without back tracking or wasting time, how to easily submit your leads and how youâ�,�™ll get paid promptly for your effort.

Are there vacant properties out there for you to spot? Yes!! Now more than ever and this is why itâ�,�™s so easy for you to make great money. Theyâ�,�™re everywhere andâ�,�¦ the environment is always changing. New vacancies are happening all the time, providing you new income all the time. Weâ�,�™ll provide you with the areas to canvas in such a way that they are in constant rotation. This means youâ�,�™ll never run out of neighborhoods to canvas and leads to make money on.

All you need is transportation, a digital camera, a little time â�,�“ on your schedule and a desire to be the best you can be.

There is no cost to you to join our team, you make no commitment of production and we provide the training and guidance so that you can succeed.

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